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Szlachetna Paczka - Pan Czesław z Rodziną

Szlachetna Paczka - Pan Czesław z Rodziną

Nasi użytkownicy założyli 1 034 553 zrzutki i zebrali 1 100 690 841 zł

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Opis zrzutki

This year we will help Mr Czesław and Mrs Janina.

A loving couple (with 50 years of a happy marriage) has found themselves in a very difficult situation due to illness. They also live in a house with no running water.

Mrs Janina had had an eye cancer and one of her eyes had to be removed by the doctors. While Mr Czesław is unable to function on his own. He has problems with his heart, prostate, diabetes and a damaged spine. He had developed anaemia 4 years ago and now he depends completely on his wife.

They have children and grandchildren, but unfortunately the family is unable to provide any help because they are not in the best situation themselves. They couple has been practically abandoned by their own kids when they were seriously ill.

We’re trying to fill in the three key needs for Mr Czesław and Mrs Janina:

Folding sofa

Current bed is old, dirty and damaged. There’s a need for a fold-out sofa.

Bedding set (duvets, bedsheets etc.)

When a sick person is lying down, bedding wears out quickly because it needs to be washed frequently. The duvet and bedding are already in a terrible condition and are no longer suitable for using.

Lawn mower

Mrs. Janina takes care of the house herself, but also of the garden. There is no paving around the house, therefore, she has to mow the grass often, otherwise the entrance to the house will become overgrown and she will not be able to safely leave the house, for example to go to the store.

There are also other needs ( we will be collecting them next to the main reception area):


  • Canned food/ food with the long due date:  Coffee, Tea, Rice, Pasta, Flour, Sugar, Oil, Jam, Canned meat, Canned fruit and vegetables
  • Cleaning products: Tena diapers for adults in a size 120-160 xl (size based on tena proksin pants normal), Soap, Shampoo, Tooth Pasta, Fabric softener, Washing powder, Dish washing liquid, Cleaning fluids
  • Furniture and house holdings: water pump, pipes and assistance in providing running water. There is no running water in the house.


Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
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