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Kainos supports Ukraine

Kainos supports Ukraine

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Welcome to the 30 day company fundraiser organised by Kainos in response to the ongoing Ukrainian Crisis Appeal.


With thousands of Ukrainian refugees continuing to arrive into Poland daily, recent rocket attacks on the civilian buildings in Ukraine and relief organisations starting to see a decline in donations, our help is needed now more than ever. 


We encourage our employees across the world to dig deep and donate what you can to support causes selected by our colleagues in Gdansk who are working hard to help individuals who have fled the conflict in Ukraine.


Kainos will match every contribution up to £25k to increase the impact!


Where the money will go:


After careful consideration, our team on the ground have selected two causes to which money raised will be allocated:


Supporting Henryk


Our Ukrainian colleagues in the Gdańsk office are friends with a member of the Red Cross called Henryk. Ukrainian with Polish citizenship, Henryk has spent last months driving supplies into Ukraine bringing distressed refugees back with him. So far, he has saved over 100 people. 


Henryk’s car was recently damaged and Kainos has already supported him with 20,000zł (£4,000) towards the purchase of a new car purchase and to fund 5 trips. Henryk is appealing for more help that will allow him to continue to make these lifesaving journeys. 


We will allocate a percentage of the total fund to support his fundraising efforts.


Fundacja Pomagamy Nie Ziewamy (Stop yawning, start helping Foundation)


Aligned to the Kainos commitment for supporting quality education within the communities in which we work, our colleagues in Gdańsk have selected this foundation who will use monies raised to purchase educational equipment for Ukranian children starting the new school year in September. 

Thank you for your kindness, solidarity and help for our colleagues who are supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine.

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Pierwsza na świecie Karta Wpłatnicza. Przyjmuj wpłaty gdziekolwiek jesteś.
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Gdańsk, Poland

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