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Eden Development

Eden Development

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Eden Development: Global Pioneers in Development Excellence

Established in 1982, Eden Development has cultivated a formidable presence in the real estate and project management sectors, emerging as a sign of reliability and innovation. Eden Development is rooted in a rich consortium of multiple seasoned companies, therefore, it expertly navigated the real estate markets of Egypt and the broader Arab world, solidifying its stance as a paramount industry leader over four prolific decades. With a diverse portfolio of 365 projects spread across 12 global landscapes, and investments surging up to $30 million, Eden projects has masterfully blended qualitative excellence with cost-efficiency to deliver properties that resonate with customer aspirations. Driven by a vision to carve a monumental niche in Egypt's real estate sphere and extend its refined expertise across Arab territories, Eden Real Estate Development is ardently involved in national and cross-border developmental ventures, particularly emphasizing contributions to key initiatives within Egypt’s New Capital.

Eden projects:

City View Alamein: Elegance Reimagined by Eden Development

City View Alamein is the epitome of the luxury of Eden Development projects’ latest offering. Perfectly situated at a prime location in New Alamein, this exquisite village presents an exclusive selection of chalets for sale that redefine elegance and convenience. With a thoughtfully curated architectural design, the units commence at a spacious 54 m2, ensuring a living experience that is both comfortable and lavish. Eden projects make acquiring a dream space more achievable by offering flexible payment plans, allowing for the convenience of installment payments spread across six years, paired with the advantageous option of zero down payments to maximize the company’s clients' investment assets.

City Center Gldani Compound: Openness to Global Horizons by Eden Development

Eden Development has expanded its work to international horizons. It significantly impacted the evolution of luxurious living with the mesmerizing City Center Gldani Compound, nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, Georgia. This architecturally superb compound unveils a dynamic blend of residential, commercial, and administrative spaces, meticulously designed across four majestic towers featuring 10 gracefully elevated floors. Spanning a vast 22,600 m2, the development manifests diversity and sophistication, offering units that elegantly unfold from a spacious 40 m2, impeccably furnished and finished. With a competitive starting price to buy a space of $56,970, complemented by attractive financial flexibility, including a 30% initial down payment and manageable monthly installments, Eden Development welcomes its clients to book a piece of unrivaled elegance and convenience at the City Center Gldani.

Eden One Mall: The Epicenter of Modern Elegance in New Capital by Eden Development projects

Situated in the vibrant core of New Capital, Eden Development introduces its latest architectural masterpiece, Eden One Mall. With its strategic location amidst key landmarks, such as the Eastern Axis, Capital International Airport, and the monorail station, and just moments away from the government district and Green River, this mall is the embodiment of convenience and prominence. Eden One Mall boasts a captivating design spread over a ground floor, 10 upper levels, and 4 dedicated basement parking levels, housing an array of commercial, administrative, and medical units starting from a savvy 18 m2. Catering to discerning investors, Eden Development offers attractive pricing from 1,044,000 EGP and ensures easy ownership with a 10% down payment option, followed by convenient 8-year installment plans, paving the way for those keen to invest in this bustling hotspot.


Eden Development: Global Reach and Esteemed Partnerships

In a remarkable journey spanning four decades, Eden Development has proliferated a legacy of excellence through diverse projects both in Egypt and across global frontiers, contributing to governmental and private sectors alike. Eden Development projects international list includes prestigious endeavors in various prime locations within Arab and foreign countries. Enriching its prolific history, Eden Development has implemented significant partnerships, collaborating with major names in contracting, construction, and design, translating visionary concepts into architectural realities. Esteemed partners such as the European Cultural Center and Belgian Benelux University have entrusted Eden Development, choosing its distinguished project, Eden One Mall New Capital, as their prestigious administrative headquarters.






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