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Supporting Our Graduating Scholars. Akademeia Fundraiser 2024

Supporting Our Graduating Scholars. Akademeia Fundraiser 2024

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We are organising this fundraiser to support two of our exceptional graduating scholars, Jagoda and Sofiia, to gather funds that will enable them to continue their studies in the most prestigious universities in Europe. These two students were selected based on their application, academic achievements and community engagement. 

Jagoda and Sofiia are some of the most multi-talented individuals at the school. They regularly contribute to all aspects of school life, beyond the academic curriculum. As part of our mission to fortify these talents, we wish to support them in their studies beyond Akademeia, so that they can continue to develop their potential and make meaningful contributions in the world.  

Jagoda, an exceptionally talented student, received offers from universities in Scotland, including the University of Glasgow for an MA in English Language & Linguistics/Psychology, University of St Andrews for an MA in Comparative Literature and Psycholog and University of Edinburgh for an MA in Cognitive Science, and in England from Durham University for a BSc in Psychological and Behavioural Science. She will choose to attend one of these institutions, and the funds we raise will go directly towards covering her tuition fees, enabling her to achieve her academic dreams. 

Jagoda plans to pursue an intersection of disciplines such as Psychology, Linguistics, and Biology, exploring the human mind and behaviour. Her specific interests include language acquisition, the perception of the written word, and the impact of multilingualism on memory and learning. She aims to complete her undergraduate studies with a joint degree in Psychology and Linguistics, followed by research in cognitive science. 

Her remarkable achievements include two Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for the best IGCSE results in Poland for Biology and Chemistry, as well as Gold and Silver Medals from the UK Maths Trust Senior Mathematical Challenge. Jagoda has consistently achieved A* grades in all her subjects and has showcased her talents by starring in five musicals, including lead roles in "Chicago," "SIX," and "Fame." 

Sofiia, a distinguished scholar was awarded the Cambridge Trust Global Impact Scholarship to study a BA in Human, Social, and Political Science at the University of Cambridge. While her tuition is covered by the scholarship, the funds we raise will go directly towards covering her living costs and visa expenses, allowing her to fully take advantage of this incredible opportunity. 

Sofiia is currently involved in a collaborative project with SWPS University, alongside the University of Birmingham and European University Viadrina. She has also completed an enriching internship at the Centre of Migration Research in Warsaw. As a proud Ukrainian, Sofiia has dedicated her time to volunteering with Ukrainian refugees last summer and to ongoing activities as part of our outreach programme with children from a Ukrainian orphanage in Ossa. 

By contributing to Jagoda's and Sofiia's education funds, you are supporting the future success of two bright young women. 

Everybody in our school community recognises those two students for their dedication and engagement. To further their university opportunities, we aim to help raise 400,000 PLN to cover Jagoda's tuition fees and Sofiia's living and visa costs. The Akademeia High School Foundation has already dedicated 100,000 PLN for this purpose. We hope to collect the remaining 300,000 PLN.


Mark your calendars for Friday, 7 June and join us at our Fundraiser for Graduating Scholars. With your support, we can help Jagoda and Sofiia pursue their academic plans. Register here: 


The programme is as follows: 


  • 5:00 PM Fashion Show & Vintage Sale 
  • 6:00 PM Music Concert 
  • 7:00 PM Live Art Auction, supported by DESA Unicum SA 


We will also have a silent auction (with different art and collectible pieces donated by our community) running online from 3 June until 10 June, to support our scholars.  


All the funds collected through are intended to support our ultimate goal. 


Donations will be transferred to the AHS Foundation fund and divided equally between the two scholars. If our goal is surpassed, the extra amount raised will be allocated to other Year 13 scholars.  


If you would like to support Jagoda or Sofiia specifically, you can also send the donation to the AHS Foundation account directly, indicating the name of a student you wish to sponsor in the title of the bank transfer.  

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