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ISoB - The Noble Gift 2021

ISoB - The Noble Gift 2021

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We are happy to inform you that this year, once again, we are joining one of the most recognizable social charity programmes – the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka). 

We wish to engage the students, teachers and parents to serve as an example of the compassionate school community who are sensitive to the needs of others.

As an IB school we want to demonstrate SERVICE learning IN ACTION.

What is the NOBLE GIFT?

It implements and develops a system of smart, personalized aid thanks to which material and mental support goes to specific people and families in a difficult situation. Aid in the form of Christmas gifts made by donors responds to the actual needs of the recipients, it is an impulse for change for them and motivates them to become independent and take responsibility for their lives.

Volunteers look for the needy families, visit them and listen to their stories to find out about their living conditions and their needs. When the family is qualified to be included in the Noble Gift scheme, it is put on an official list of the needy. Donors can select any family that they wish to help. The collected goods are sent directly to this family.

You can read more about the scheme here:

The Noble Gift in the ISoB

The idea is for all of us at ISoB to organize a number of ‘’mini-projects’’, individual, group or whole class ones, through which we might contribute to our final cause. Let’s show our creativity and talents and organize an auction of self-made goods or services. 

We encourage all of you to have your little bit of contribution to the NOBLE GIFT.

We have selected a family whose needs are not demanding but quite basic ones. With a little effort on our part we can make this family’s life easier but first of all we can bring human dignity back to them. This is whom we are going to help:

Hanna with her family

Family Code: KUJ-2791-55745

Lady: Hanna,36 years old

Son: Grzegorz, 13 years old

Daughter: Nina, 9 years old

Family History

For many years Mrs. Hania was a happy wife and a mother. Her husband worked and provided a stable financial situation. Mrs. Hanna did not work. That was the decision she and her husband had made. Mrs. Hania raised the children and took care of their health. Thanks to her, her son was able to function in school, although it was not so sure, due to his serious illness. Unfortunately, the situation changed when her husband moved out of the house. He left the family, exposing them to financial problems and great uncertainty. Later, he became aggressive and violent towards Hania, causing great stress to the whole family. Currently, the divorce case is pending, but the ex-husband does everything to prevent his wife and children from finding peace. They live in constant uncertainty. After her husband left her, Hania worked for some time as a caregiver for the elderly. But now she has no job and no income. She lives in fear for her children's future. Mrs. Hania is under the care of a foundation that supports people in need. The current income of the family is 2400 PLN. After accounting for the cost of living and the loan installment, they are left with 243 PLN per month per person. This is barely enough for everyday life. They do not benefit from any allowances. Many times they lack money for basic necessities.

Currently, the family has few joyful moments. Stress and uncertainty prevent happiness. It's good that there is a dog who eases the tension. Mrs. Hania is gathering strength, she has someone to fight for. Children are all she has. She loves them very much. She hopes that they will be able to live peacefully and safely. The children have their own hobbies: Grzegorz is passionate about computer games, Nina loves to draw and paint, including herself. Despite all the bad things they have been through recently, they hope for peace and look to the future with optimism.

Family's Three Key Needs 

  1. Food - the family has a very limited budget.
  2. Cleaning and care products - Cleaning products are a significant expense in the budget. Nina has atopic dermatitis and allergies. She has to use special cosmetics for her body and hair. These are expensive items bought at a pharmacy e.g. MEDIDER, HEALPSORIN. The family will be grateful for these measures and Nina will feel relief.
  3. Footwear - Children have outgrown their shoes. The ones they have, are worn out.

Other Needs of the Family

  1. Clothes 
  2. School supplies 
  3. Towels
  4. Pan

Special gifts

Hanna - mascara, perfume

Grzegorz - Champion Basic Small bag

Nina - green hoodie (frog hoodie)

Non-material gifts

Legal aid, assistance in finding a job

Let’s join our efforts and do something good together!!!

Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
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