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Collection for neurological treatment and rehabilitation of Gosia Brzecka. Let's help her on her way to independence.

I present to you Gosia. An active, sociable, funny, intelligent, traveling girl - our colleague from work. Now immobilized waiting for another chance. A chance from life, from us. Gosia had a bicycle accident on October 12. She hit her head on the asphalt on a bike path. The unfortunate fall caused severe brain injury. In an instant, Gosia's life changed completely.

Many of you asked me how can we help her?

We can contribuite to her rehabilitation. Only good specialists can help her. Long, intensive rehabilitation is an expensive project. Gosia doesn't have enough money.

Małgosia needs a full range of motor and neurological rehabilitation, including:

individual therapy using physiotherapy methods: neurophysiological methods, manual therapy methods

exercises using modern rehabilitation equipment

physical therapy treatments

classes with neurologopedists and many other classes, consultations.

The monthly cost in a specialized center is PLN 12-15 thousand. This is huge money.

Let's help collect as much as possible.


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