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We support Leśniczówka Rock and Roll Cafe during the COVID-19 epidemic

We support Leśniczówka Rock and Roll Cafe during the COVID-19 epidemic

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As you probably know, due to the state of the coronavirus epidemic and the restrictions introduced as well as the decision to close the Silesian Park for the time of quarantine, Leśniczówka remains closed.

For 37 years we have been struggling with adversity, trying to keep for you, a club which is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on the cultural map of Poland. The Rock & Roll Cafe Leśniczówka from the very beginning was a kind of artistic bohemia bringing together outstanding musicians, artists, poets and people of art, giving them shelter in difficult times.

This unusual situation in which we are all now is particularly difficult for us.

The place we run require constant care, and we unfortunately cannot cope with all obligations related to running a business, paying employees and at the same time making minor repairs resulting from the fact that the building is about 50 years old and needs renovation. It requires regular cleaning and construction works. Recently, we were able to fix the wooden gate, but this is just the tip of the iceberg ...

We often work non-profit and pay extra with private money to be able to deal with financial problems on a day-to-day basis to keep alive this special place.

However, in the current situation, our possibilities are exhausted. Due to the fact that we are not a restaurant but a music club, we are not able to start delivery with any of products, that we're usualy selling. Our total income has always been a turnover generated at the bar during artistic events and concerts held at our place. The amount obtained from tickets is allways traveling entirely to bands. (the only situation, that some money form tickets are used in different purpose is dedicated to paid for sound engineer or refreshments for artists). That was always our form of helping young artists and bands, by provideing the necessary conditions and equipment for playing concerts without having to use the income from ticket for room rental, sound equipment or service.

Unfortunately, according to the restrictions currently in force in the country, no artistic events can take place for obvious reasons.

It is even more difficult for us, because the period of concerts carried out in closed clubs is exactly at this time. In the summer, there are too many free outdoor concerts. We can't compete with them in any way, and most bands suspend their tours at that time. As a result, we were cut off from all sources of income.

The Leśniczówka has been struggling with financial problems for years, which is why we are trying to change the legal form of the club to a foundation so that it would be easier for us to raise funds from the outside. However, to do this, we must maintain the premises for a period of quarantine, and also deal with the debt. This is necessary to be able to rewrite the building to the newly emerging entity.

An object like Leśniczówka nowadays has no commercial viability, and you know that it is very important that a music club with 37 years of tradition does not fall into ruin. Especially that this type of clubs still operating in Poland can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We want to keep alive the place where so many artists and bands known today from radio or television took their first steps. It is a piece of beautiful history of Polish music and Silesian blues that should not fall into oblivion.

That is why we are forced to ask you for help. Help us save the place that we all love so much. Every penny that will keep the club and employees alive will be worth a lot in this difficult period. We hope that the epidemic we face is soon over and we will all meet in Leśniczówka, and we promise.. there will be happening a lot, because even now we are preparing next events!

Waiting for a better tomorrow, thank you for your support.

For those, that do not know Leśniczówka Rock&Roll Cafe we have prepered a short history brief:

In the summer of 1984, after several years of renovation, the abandoned and forgotten place in the park's wilderness came alive as the House of Creative Work of the Silesian Jazz Club and quickly became a haven for the rebellious arts of various Muses. For some time the interiors of the club and the surroundings were used by various music-video authors as well by fim directors such as Kazimierz Kutz and Janusz Kidawa. In Leśniczówka, after dozens of hours of rehearsals and jamsessions, the sound and face of the legendary Young Power Orchestra was shaped. The place is mostly associated with the Silesian blues-rock environment and thanks to this "Leśniczówka" came to life a year before it's official opening ...

First of all, the strength of this place was made up of un-arranged and endless jamsessions, during which really great and ephemeral things were born. Some of them are recorded on tapes and rests in the "Leśniczówka's" archives - someday a good time will come for them too. Throughout the late 1980s the club was a kind of asylum for the unwanted generation of musicians associated with the Silesian Sound movement. Only in "Leśniczówka" you could listen to Roman "Pazur" Wojciechowski, Irek Dudek, Leszek Winder, Jan Janowski and Andrzej Urny. Here the legendary SBB were practicing, in the nearby Planetarium Józef Skrzek recorded the album "Journey into the land of imagination", and his brother Jan recorded a phenomenal concert on the album "Górnik blues".

After several hard years, related to the departure of the first head of the club, Zbigniew Gocek, "Leśniczówka" came to life again in 1992, when Leszek Winder took care of her, who consistently began to introduce the principle of organizing live concerts on weekends. On Fridays - jamsessions, on Saturdays concerts. And so it is today. There is no such second place not only in Silesia. This is where the "Blues Record of the Year 1997" by Jan "Kyks" Skrzeka "Bluesman's Prayer on the Train" was created. The Silesian Sounds festival has been held here for several years. In "Leśniczówka" Ryszard Riedel gave his last performance, after being thrown out of the Dżem group. Here, amateur musicians can record their concerts. Anyone accepting a hard criterion can play: professionalism showing respect for the blues and rock tradition.

At this moment, the club's activities include concerts, exhibitions, vernissaries, theater and dance performances, film screenings, as well as all broadly understood cultural activities that promote both artistic and historical events. And in this form the House of Creative Work - Leśniczówka lived to see its 37th anniversary, which should be celebrated in this year summer.

Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
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