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Learn about patron fundraisers, which means raising funds for NGOs. Discover the wide range of foundations in Europe and support them through fundraising. Collect and transfer money directly to the account of the chosen organisation. No charges or additional fees. No worries about taxes., as a licensed payment services provider, ensures the security of transactions and collected funds. Start your patron fundraiser here!

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Browse patrons from the categories: Projects, Charity, Needs, Sports, Culture, Animals or Travel. All organisations with patron status have been thoroughly verified by our team. We attach great importance to the security of transactions and the fair settlement of organisers. You can be sure that your funds will go to the right place! Help patrons in a simple and free way!

Are you a member of a charitable foundation or other non-governmental organisation (NGO)? Discover the benefits of patron fundraising! Let your foundation support its charges or fulfil its statutory goals with donors from all over Europe! Find out more about becoming a patron on our platform.

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