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Collect funds for your own goals
Fundraise with friends or reach out to complete strangers with your idea.
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On you will raise funds for any purpose:
Join hundreds of people who, thanks to crowdfunding, have released albums, made films, and started their own businesses!
Try lightning-fast donations and withdrawals - pool your money with friends to buy a gift for someone you care about!
Medical Treatment
Health is the most valuable thing, and it's worth fighting for! Raise funds on for free, without any fee!
Save animals, support shelters or create something entirely new! From fundraisers for pet food to adoption apps - we have a place for every idea.
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Choose the type of fundraiser, enter the goal, the amount and you're done! If you have an account on just log in. If not - register in a few seconds.
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Let your friends know what you are planning. With the fundraiser, they can donate to you in an official way, for a specific purpose. And if you have bigger plans, write a few words from the heart and conquer social media! You never know who will decide to join you.
Withdraw funds
Withdraw the funds to your MasterCard or Visa card in just minutes! Or you can choose to withdraw funds via traditional bank transfer to your account.
Collect faster and more efficiently! Check out the premium features available.
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Regular Fundraiser
Collect funds for any purpose and withdraw them to your account.
Recurring Fundraiser
Receive monthly support from donors.
Remember! You can enable moneyboxes for your fundraisers!
With this feature, every user can create a moneyboxes for your fundraiser. All funds accumulated in moneyboxes go directly to your fundraiser's account, and only you can manage them.
You can add offers and auctions to your fundraisers!
Moreover, you can benefit from the support of donors who will contribute their offers to your fundraiser.
Check out our advanced features
They will make it easier for you to promote your fundraiser
  • Tracking Link
    Stay up to date with click and donation statistics for your fundraiser.
  • Widgets
  • Offers/Auctions
  • Alias
  • Moneyboxes
Collect faster and more efficiently! Check out the premium features available.
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Find the answer in the Help and Contact section Sp. z o.o. al. Karkonoska 59, 53-015 Wrocław, Polska. VAT number: 8992796896, KRS: 0000634168. Share capital: PLN 550,000. Licensed payment services provider in the European Union under the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF). read more is a tool to organise your own fundraising for any chosen cause, for free, no fee. is not only a crowdfunding platform (crowdfunding - social funding of a chosen project) and a fundraising platform (fundraising - raising money by supporting individuals, companies, foundations). It is first and foremost a virtual purse into which all those interested in a specific goal contribute: a charity collection, for a gift, for a project / business, for a trip with friends - you define the goal. In a way, is a mix of platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo with the world's most famous virtual wallet, PayPal. A fundraiser can be set up by an individual, a company, a foundation or an institution. Make a fundraiser, invite your friends and see how easy it is to raise money online! All Rights Reserved
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