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Protection Gear for UA defenders

Protection Gear for UA defenders

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I would like to ask for your help. I need sets of protective vests, helmets and few other things to deliver to one of the towns in Ukraine as lots of new recruiters have weapons but lacking protection gear. It is my own initiative agreed with local Ukrainian Military Forces member working in recruitment:

What exactly we need to buy:

• Plate carries with plates (ex:

• Only plates (ex:

• Drones

• Thermal clothes M/L/XL

• Thermovision mono/binoculars

• bandages, gauze, plasters, band-aids and tourniquets, hemostatic drugs

How to help:

• You can buy any mentioned item (or find a similar/same item in other places) and send them to my address (Cracow). I will share address in priv. (best option)

• You can donate some money, that I will use to buy needed items.

All bought and donated items will be posted on my FB page:

I will collect and buy the items and will arrange transport to Ukraine.

Thank you.


I am not a military expert, nor I have mil experience. I am buying only things that are requested in Ukraine. I am a regular guy leaving in Cracow and working in corpo whose parents are left in Ukraine. I am doing the only thing I can do, and I will deliver everything that I have gathered.

Pierwsza na świecie Karta Wpłatnicza. Twój mini-terminal.
Pierwsza na świecie Karta Wpłatnicza. Twój mini-terminal.
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  • AM

    Pleased to donate directly to the feet on the street, appreciate that your struggle is all our struggle. Good luck it always helps. Cheers A

    Użytkownik anonimowy

    I saw your story on Fox News today. Prayers for your families and country; blessings for your support efforts. I will try to help more when I can.

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  • BA
    Bob and Lisa Conley (friends of Ukraineans

    We understand your need. We appreciate everything you are doing to help Ukraine. We were alerted to your work by Jeff macIntyre, whom you so courteously shared your story. Glory to the Ukraine and the blue and yellow!!

    • Oleg Kondratiuk

      Thank you so much Bob and Lisa! Still cannot believe that with our small initiative we managed to reach out to USA and American People. You are amazing. Glory to Ukraine!

  • MS
    Marlon Sanchez

    Thank you for YOUR SERVICE to the extraordinarily brave Ukraine soldiers
    I am a USA Marine Corp veteran of the somalia conflict of 1994 which fails in comparison.Stay strong my brothers.!

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