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Soldiers in Ukraine

Soldiers in Ukraine

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We are gathering money to support two Ukrainian Soliders and their companions fighting on the front line. Alexander and Serhij are stationed one in the Kharkov region, and the other - in Nikolaev. Their units need:

  • To collect money for cars (because the previous car was destroyed by the enemy), they now need about $2000 extra - they plan to buy an SUV - something like a Mitsubishi Pajero or a 2000-2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  • Alexander's Brigade will be very grateful for winter military boots (constantly needing replacement, because due to bad weather conditions, the boots do not last as long as they would like. In total, almost 60 pairs of boots are needed - we have a complete list of sizes 😊 No matter how many we were able to buy, they will certainly come in handy.
  • Power generator - we estimate the cost at PLN 2,000 +
  • DJI Air Mavik 2S drone - for patrolling the movement of Russian troops

Christmas is a time of 3G: gratitude, giving and generosity! Let's show our thankfulness for those ready to give their lives, with such generosity also for our safety!

Ta zrzutka nie ma jeszcze opisu.

Ta zrzutka nie ma jeszcze opisu.

Pierwsza na świecie Karta Wpłatnicza. Przyjmuj wpłaty gdziekolwiek jesteś.
Pierwsza na świecie Karta Wpłatnicza. Przyjmuj wpłaty gdziekolwiek jesteś.
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