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Polski TECH i biznes dla walcz膮cej Ukrainy #CyberBridge

Polski TECH i biznes dla walcz膮cej Ukrainy #CyberBridge

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z 1 000 000 z艂
zako艅czona 13.04.2022r
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Zrzutka pod patronatem

Zrzutka pod patronatem

Fundacja Ukraina

Fundacja Ukraina


  • [11-12.04]

    馃挋馃挍 It is the last day of our campaign. Thank you very much for all the support, donations, and shares you have given us over a month. 馃挋馃挍

    In recent days, we have managed to organize further transports with humanitarian aid, which reach the neediest regions of Ukraine. One of these transports included one of the drones that we managed to buy thanks to the support of SpyroSoft. Although our fundraiser is coming to an end today, we do not end with the support of our friends in Ukraine.

    What's next?

    1) Do You have the possibility of further financial support for Ukraine?

    Currency: PLN

    IBAN: PL39 1090 2398 0000 0001 4980 4904

    Currency: EURO

    IBAN: PL85 1090 2398 0000 0001 4935 4384

    Currency: USD

    IBAN: PL62 1090 2398 0000 0001 4983 8634

    Account owner: Ukraine Foundation

    Bank's SWIFT code: WBKPPLPP

    Bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.

    Bank address: Al. Jana Paw艂a II 17, 00-854 Warsaw

    Bank country: Poland

    Payment title: IT for Ukraine

    2) You can donate food, hygiene, and medical supplies to the warehouse at 2 Pogodna Street, Psary.

    Remember, only together we can win.

    Slava Ukraini! 馃挋馃挍


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski




    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski

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  • [8-10.04]

    Our latest transports have already reached the cities: Bucha, Irpin, Dnieper, Lviv hospitals, and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.聽

    馃挋馃挍 It is all thanks to your donations! We want to thank you once again and continue to encourage you to donate.聽

    馃摝 We remind you that you can donate food, hygiene, and medical supplies to the warehouse at 2 Pogodna Street, Psary.





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  • [6-7.04]

    For the last couple of days, our attention has been turned to even more tragic news from Ukraine. 馃挋馃挍 We are involved and organizing humanitarian aid to the areas in biggest need right now. To be able to provide this help, we need your support. How can you help us?

    - Financial support for the collection,聽

    - Donation of materials to the warehouse at 2 Pogodna Street in Psary.

    What we currently collect:

    bandages, medical supplies, vitamins, electrolytes, medicines, first aid kits, food in cans, dry food (pasta, food in jars), instant food (to be poured into boiling water), general hygiene products (bath gels for women, men, children, shampoos for hair, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pampers - different sizes, deodorants, soaps, towels, wet tissues, sanitary towels), small household items (batteries, flashlights, candles, matches, disposable cutlery, garbage bags, sticky tape, extension cables, power generators), thermal blankets, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, clothes like underwear, socks (for women, men, and children - different sizes), bras for women (also in various sizes).


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski




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  • [4-5.04]

    馃挋馃挍 Every day we thank you for your support. Because of your donations, we can provide further humanitarian transport to the most in-need regions of Ukraine. Our equipment reaches both hospitals and local aid stations. 馃挋馃挍

    If you want to make a physical donation, you can bring it to the pick-up and segregation points:

    2 Pogodna St., Psary (things for the army) in Wroc艂aw

    There is still a great need for support. Your donations allow us to act! THANK YOU!!!


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski

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  • [1-3.04]

    馃殯 Last weekend, more shipments left our warehouse with the most needed aid. How do we know what is currently needed and where the help should go? Thanks to the Ukraine Foundation, a substantive partner of the aid campaign and an excellent network with organisations in Ukraine, we receive information about what products are needed and where to transport them.

    We are still prioritizing the purchase of drones with thermal vision. On Friday, we managed to buy the second of them, but we will not be able to purchase more without your support in the form of contributions.聽

    Remember that every donation matters




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  • [30-31.03]

    Over the last two days, more shipments left our warehouse with products that our friends in Ukraine need the most. Among these supplies were medical supplies, general hygiene products and those for women and children, clothing and blankets, and bedding.

    As you well remember, currently, the most necessary purchase is drones with thermal imaging. We have received pictures that the one drone we were able to purchase and transport is already in use. After receiving it, our friends from Ukraine updated their needs and asked us to provide them with:

    馃數 4 large drones,

    馃煛 6 small drones.

    The total amount for such a purchase is 136.000聽 PLN. To be able to make it happen, we need your support!

    鉂わ笍 Thank you for your support so far, and we encourage you to make further donations. 鉂わ笍

    One of our last transports with medical supplies arrived at the hospital, and the lady nurses who picked it up asked to say a huge thank you to all the contributors. 鉂わ笍




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  • [28-29.03]

    馃挋馃挍 We are slowly reaching the month of our fundraising drop. We managed to load and send Ukraine more than 30 trucks with the necessary medical assistance, tactical, food, and supplies for everyday use.聽馃挋馃挍

    We are not resting on our laurels, as our friends in Ukraine have told us that there is a constant need for help there, so we again encourage you to donate. 馃挼 With each of them, we can buy more materials and necessary equipment.聽

    Recently, we informed you that the most important need is the purchase of 3 drones with thermal imaging, which will support the actions of our friends in Ukraine in the fight for the freedom of the country. We managed to buy one, so we are raising funds to purchase other drones because we know how much this equipment is needed now.



    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot.聽Marcin Zieli艅ski

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  • [25-27.03]

    馃挋馃挍 Thank you for every donation you've made to support our Ukrainian friends; to carry on purchasing and arranging shipments, we need your additional support. Keep passing the droplet around because every donation matters. 馃挋馃挍

    馃殯 Over the weekend, we managed to load and send two truckloads of humanitarian aid, a total of 120 euro pallets with essential medical supplies, tactical supplies, food, hygiene supplies, blankets, sleeping bags, and clothing.




    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski

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  • [23-24.03]

    馃殯 In the last two days, we sent three TIRs with essential humanitarian aid.聽

    What products are in our transport?

    馃數 Medicaments (among others, dressing materials, first aid kits, anti-hemorrhagic preparations, medicines, antibiotics)

    馃煛 Hygiene products for women and children (including pampers, wet wipes, towels, bottles, pacifiers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel)

    馃數 Long-term food (including groats, canned goods, pasta, oil, salt, sugar, flour, baby food, juice)

    馃煛 Clothing and technical materials (e.g., clothing for women, men, children, mattresses, sleeping bags, Foam Camp Mats, thermal blankets)

    馃挋馃挍 Thanks to your donations, we can proceed with further purchases and organize transports to the most needed locations, so we would like to thank you for your help so far and encourage you to make further donations. 馃挋馃挍



    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski

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  • [21-22.03]

    馃殯 More humanitarian aid shipments leave our warehouse. On Friday, we welcomed beautiful people from Ukrainian organization "袙褨褌械褉 薪邪写褨褩" - transl. "An air of hope" - we believe this is a good sign! 馃嚭馃嚘

    The main products in organized transport include medical supplies, tactical equipment, hygiene products, and clothing.

    鉂 Currently, the most crucial need for which we are raising funds is the purchase of 3 drones with thermal imaging, which will support the actions of our friends in Ukraine in the fight for freedom of the country. 鉂

    Your donations will help us make this purchase!

    We know we can count on you!




    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski


    Fot. Marcin Zieli艅ski

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  • [18-20.03]

    馃殯 Over the weekend, long-awaited transport with walkie-talkies arrived in the final city in Ukraine, but that's not all! We also completed transport that included supplies such as essential medical equipment, quilts, mattresses, pillows, clothing, and food.

    馃挋馃挍 Your financial support helps us organize transport for our friends who are fighting for the freedom of their country! Thank you for your trust and support! 馃挋馃挍





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  • [16-17.03]

    馃挋馃挍 Thanks to your support, transports with the most needed materials can leave our warehouse each day. How do we know what is currently needed and where it should be delivered? The Ukraine Foundation is the technical coordinator of this collection. Based on first-hand information and current possibilities, it decides the number of orders and where to deliver them.聽

    馃摝鉃○焽吼焽 In the last transport, we sent tactical equipment, food, and hygiene for women and children.




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  • [14-15.03]

    聽In the last two days, we were able to pack and ship three more TIR trucks.

    鉃 We delivered to Ukraine: food, hygiene materials, clothes, blankets, bedding.

    鉃 Also, we transported food for animals to shelters. (The food was donated to the Ukrainian Foundation as gifts, it wasn't purchased with the collected funds. We took care of delivering this food to shelters.)

    Thank you for your donations!





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  • [12-13.03]

    Your donations are saving lives! Last week, we sent humanitarian transport with medical aid, food, hygiene supplies, and other necessary products to Vinnitsa, which was bombed a few days earlier. The donations were distributed among four different hospitals in the city. We also reached the maternity ward, where the pampers purchased with your help were helpful for the newborn baby.聽

    Over the weekend, we managed to organize two more transports with tactical equipment, medical supplies, food, and other necessary items. We know that at this point, the greatest need is still for specialized modular first aid kits to help save lives, so we continue to encourage you to donate so that we can meet these needs.




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  • [10.03]

    馃摝 We spent yesterday organizing the warehouse. We verified and entered into the system all items. Thanks to that, we can manage humanitarian aid transports more efficiently and react to possible shortages on the spot.聽

    We are already planning to purchase more specialized first aid kits and tactical equipment for our friends on the front line.聽

    Invariably - thank you for all the donations that help protect human lives, to be able to continue to operate, we need your support!聽

    Go ahead, donate!




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  • [08-09.03]

    馃殯 In the last two days, we were able to pack and ship two more TIR trucks with essential humanitarian aid that saves the lives of our Ukrainian friends.

    馃嚭馃嚘 Cities and organizations we supported during these 2 days (8-9.03):

    - Ciep艂odar City Hall

    - Larissa, Bojowe Bdzoly Foundation

    - Urzhorod

    - Vinnitsa

    鉃 The following items we will be able to deliver thanks to your donations:

    Ointment for wound healing, External stabilizers for traumatology (for thighs), External stabilizers for traumatology (for shins), External stabilizers for traumatology (for frame), External stabilizers for traumatology (for forearms), VAK devices with a set of consumables for 100 manipulations, Thermal imager, Sleeping bags, Tactical first aid kits.




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  • [7.03]

    What is the situation now?

    馃殯 We are sending聽two truckloads聽of humanitarian, medical, and tactical aid聽every day,聽120 euro pallets in total, including聽medicine,聽food,聽drinks,聽clothes,聽hygiene products,聽quilts,聽sleeping bags. We received 300 walkie-talkies and 300 tactical vests purchased yesterday during the night. We are not slowing down and are currently preparing them for聽transport to Ukraine.聽

    馃挋馃挍聽Thanks for the involvement so far, and we encourage you to further action.




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  • [5-6.03]

    Update on transports, activities, and purchases that took place last weekend.聽

    What we were able to do:

    1. We raised 150,000K over the weekend.

    2. With the funds taken so far, we have purchased: 300 walkie-talkies, 300 tactical vests.

    3. During the weekend, we loaded and sent from Wroc艂aw: 1 TIR with directed humanitarian aid, 2 vans with medical equipment. In addition, two vans with first aid kits left from Przemy艣l, which were purchased thanks to Euvic + Spyrosoft. All transport went to Lviv.聽

    What are the further needs?

    We are raising funds to purchase: folding stretchers, more first aid kits, and power generators.


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  • [03-03-2022]

    We publish the first update of the activities carried out on the first day of the campaign.

    Completed field activities:

    1. We collected the first PLN 100,000.
    2. We bought: 500 first aid kits, 12 computers, accessories for IT infrastructure assembly (stands, routers, cables), 2 printer scanners.
    3. We transported the collected items to Przemy艣l, and after repackaging they go directly to Kyiv.

    Completed IT activities:

    • As part of the Polish IT for Ukraine project, it was also possible to create an application for the Consulate of Ukraine. On Wednesday, after 22h, the application was put into use, and has been used since yesterday.
    • The most urgent IT needs supporting the work of the Consulate in serving refugees were quickly met. The application project does not end because there are new needs and improvements that are implemented on an ongoing basis. At the same time, we constantly monitor the situation and strengthen security so that the application can withstand cyber attacks that probably disabled the previous application on the domain.


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Ta zrzutka nie ma jeszcze aktualno艣ci.

Ta zrzutka nie ma jeszcze aktualno艣ci.

Opis zrzutki

[馃嚭馃嚘UA - 薪懈卸褔械] [馃嚭馃嚫 EN - here]

[PL] (Akcja zbi贸rki jest akcj膮 charytatywn膮 realizowan膮 przez "Fundacj臋 Ukraina" zarejestrowan膮 we Wroc艂awiu, 50-079, ul. Ruska 46A/201, REGON: 022164428, NIP: 8982203920, KRS: 0000463960. Pieni膮dze ze zbi贸rki trafiaj膮 bezpo艣rednio na konto Fundacja Ukraina. )

Sp臋dzili艣my 4 doby w strefie granicznej przy Medyce, pomagaj膮c jako wolontariusze przy wsparciu Ukrai艅skich rodzin, ich transporcie, dostarczeniu niezb臋dnych potrzebnych rzeczy. To zdecydowanie za ma艂o. Musimy okaza膰 SILNE WSPARCIE, teraz, dzisiaj.聽

Jeste艣my inicjatyw膮 Polskie IT dla Ukrainy. Dzia艂amy aktywnie od pocz膮tku wojny, mamy aktualne listy zapotrzebowania, po艂膮czyli艣my si臋 w du偶ej koalicji organizacji i firm, a przede wszystkim - ludzi, kt贸rzy chc膮 nie艣膰 realn膮 pomoc.聽

W tej akcji si艂y 艂膮cz膮:聽

馃數 Fundacja Ukraina pod patronatem Prezydenta Wroc艂awia oraz Konsulatu Ukrainy w Polsce

馃煛 Przedsi臋biorcy

馃數Aktywnie dzia艂aj膮ce organizacje IT w Polsce:

馃煛 Wolontariusze

馃數 Firmy Produkcyjne

馃煛 Kancelarie Adwokackie:

馃數 Kancelaria So艂tysi艅ski Kawecki & Szl臋zak聽

Korzy艣ci膮 wsp贸lnego dzia艂ania jest przede wszystkim:聽

  • Posiadanie aktualnej informacji 24/7 o aktualnych potrzebach, bezpo艣rednio z frontu, kt贸re mo偶na zaspokoi膰 w spos贸b szybki i uporz膮dkowany,
  • Dost臋p do pozwole艅 na zakup rzeczy technicznych lub militarnych, medykament贸w,
  • Dost臋p do realizacji hurtowych zam贸wie艅 w korzystniejszych cenach z szybk膮 realizacj膮,
  • Zorganizowana logistyka i szybkie przekazanie dar贸w do oddzia艂贸w potrzebuj膮cych,
  • Koordynacja dzia艂a艅 wolontariuszy, zam贸wie艅, logistyki, prawnik贸w i innych oddzia艂贸w,
  • Mo偶liwo艣膰 zabezpieczenia danych poufnych,聽
  • Mo偶liwo艣膰 weryfikacji wiarygodno艣ci partner贸w.聽

Wojna jest zjawiskiem bardzo nieprzewidywalnym, ka偶dy dzie艅 jest inny, potrzebne rzeczy z wczoraj dzisiaj mog膮 by膰 ju偶 nieaktualne, wi臋c zbieramy pieni膮dze, kt贸re b臋dziemy wydawa膰, otrzymuj膮c najbardziej aktualne zapotrzebowania ze strony Ukrai艅skiej.聽

Je艣li chcecie jednak przekazywa膰 dary fizycznie, to mo偶ecie je przekazywa膰 do punktu zbioru i segregacji:

  • ul. Pogodna 2, Psary

Co tydzie艅 wysy艂amy ok. 10 transport贸w do miast Ukrainy o najwy偶szej potrzebie pomocy.

W aktualno艣ciach zbi贸rki regularnie informujemy zar贸wno o zam贸wieniach jak i dostawach, kt贸re uda艂o si臋 zrealizowa膰, dzi臋ki funduszom ze zrzutki, i o pozosta艂ych dzia艂aniach sztabu, wsparciu w transporcie niezale偶nych darowizn na rzecz Fundacji Ukraina.

W obliczu tej tragedii b膮d藕my zjednoczeni, dzia艂ajmy w spos贸b przemy艣lany i wspierajmy zorganizowane i zweryfikowane akcje.聽

Tylko razem mo偶emy wygra膰.聽

Slava Ukraini!聽

Akcj臋 wspieraj膮 r贸wnie偶

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[UA] 袚褉芯褕褨 蟹褨 蟹斜褨褉泻懈 薪邪写褏芯写褟褌褜 斜械蟹锌芯褋械褉械写薪褜芯 薪邪 褉邪褏褍薪芯泻 肖芯薪写褍 校泻褉邪褩薪邪.

袟 褋邪屑芯谐芯 锌芯褔邪褌泻褍 胁褨泄薪懈 屑懈 锌褉芯胁械谢懈 4 写薪褨 胁 锌褉懈泻芯褉写芯薪薪褨泄 蟹芯薪褨 胁 袦械写懈褑褨, 写芯锌芯屑邪谐邪褞褔懈 褟泻 胁芯谢芯薪褌械褉懈 褌邪 薪邪写邪褞褔懈 锌褨写褌褉懈屑泻褍 褍泻褉邪褩薪褋褜泻懈屑 褋褨屑'褟屑, 蟹邪斜械蟹锌械褔褍褞褔懈 褩屑 褌褉邪薪褋锌芯褉褌, 卸懈褌谢芯 褌邪 褉械褔褨 锌械褉褕芯褩 锌芯褌褉械斜懈. 袛褨褞褔懈 蟹 褍褋褨褏 褋懈谢 屑懈 蟹褉芯蟹褍屑褨谢懈, 褖芯 褑褜芯谐芯 蟹邪屑邪谢芯. 袦懈 锌芯胁懈薪薪褨 锌芯泻邪蟹邪褌懈 小袠袥鞋袧校 袩袉袛孝袪袠袦袣校 蟹邪褉邪蟹, 褋褜芯谐芯写薪褨. 些芯斜 薪械 斜褍谢芯 锌褨蟹薪芯.

袦懈 写芯谢褍褔懈谢懈褋褟 写芯 褨薪褨褑褨邪褌懈胁懈 芦袩芯谢褜褋褜泻懈泄 IT 写谢褟 校泻褉邪褩薪懈禄 鈥 胁械谢懈泻芯褩 泻芯邪谢褨褑褨褩 芯褉谐邪薪褨蟹邪褑褨泄 褌邪 泻芯屑锌邪薪褨泄, 邪 锌械褉械写褍褋褨屑 谢褞写械泄, 褟泻褨 褏芯褔褍褌褜 薪邪写邪褌懈 褉械邪谢褜薪褍 写芯锌芯屑芯谐褍.

校 褑褨泄 邪泻褑褨褩 褋胁芯褩 褋懈谢懈 锌芯褦写薪褍褞褌褜:

馃數 肖芯薪写 芦校泻褉邪褩薪邪禄 锌褨写 锌邪褌褉芯薪邪褌芯屑 袩褉械蟹懈写械薪褌邪 袙褉芯褑谢邪胁邪 褌邪 袣芯薪褋褍谢褜褋褌胁邪 校泻褉邪褩薪懈 胁 袩芯谢褜褖褨

馃煛 袗泻褌懈胁薪褨 袉孝 芯褉谐邪薪褨蟹邪褑褨褩 胁 袩芯谢褜褖褨:

馃數 袙芯谢芯薪褌械褉懈

馃煛 袙懈褉芯斜薪懈褔褨 泻芯屑锌邪薪褨褩

馃數 挟褉懈写懈褔薪褨 泻芯屑锌邪薪褨褩

袩械褉械胁邪谐懈 薪邪褕芯褩 褋锌褨胁锌褉邪褑褨, 褑械 锌械褉械写褍褋褨屑:

  • 袧邪褟胁薪褨褋褌褜 邪泻褌褍邪谢褜薪芯褩 褨薪褎芯褉屑邪褑褨褩 锌褉芯 锌芯褌褉械斜懈 小鞋袨袚袨袛袧袉 袉 袟袗袪袗袟 斜械蟹锌芯褋械褉械写薪褜芯 蟹 褎褉芯薪褌褍
  • 袛芯褋褌褍锌 写芯 斜褨谢褜褕芯褩 泻褨谢褜泻芯褋褌褨 谐褉芯褕械泄 褌邪 胁懈泻芯薪邪薪薪褟 芯锌褌芯胁懈褏 蟹邪屑芯胁谢械薪褜 蟹邪 胁懈谐褨写薪懈屑懈 褑褨薪邪屑懈 蟹褨 褕胁懈写泻懈屑 褌械褉屑褨薪芯屑 褉械邪谢褨蟹邪褑褨褩
  • 袛芯褋褌褍锌 写芯 写芯蟹胁芯谢褨胁 薪邪 锌褉懈写斜邪薪薪褟 褌械褏薪褨泻懈, 胁褨泄褋褜泻芯胁懈褏 褉械褔械泄, 屑械写懈泻邪屑械薪褌褨胁
  • 袨褉谐邪薪褨蟹芯胁邪薪邪 谢芯谐褨褋褌懈泻邪 褌邪 褕胁懈写泻邪 锌械褉械写邪褔邪 写芯锌芯屑芯谐懈 褌懈屑 芯褉谐邪薪褨蟹邪褑褨褟屑, 褟泻褨 褩褩 锌芯褌褉械斜褍褞褌褜
  • 袣芯芯褉写懈薪邪褑褨褟 写褨褟谢褜薪芯褋褌褨 胁芯谢芯薪褌械褉褋褜泻懈褏, 蟹邪泻褍锌褨胁械谢褜薪懈褏, 谢芯谐褨褋褌懈褔薪懈褏, 褞褉懈写懈褔薪懈褏 褌邪 褨薪褕懈褏 胁褨写写褨谢褨胁
  • 袦芯卸谢懈胁褨褋褌褜 蟹邪褏懈褋褌褍 泻芯薪褎褨写械薪褑褨泄薪懈褏 写邪薪懈褏
  • 袦芯卸谢懈胁褨褋褌褜 锌械褉械胁褨褉懈褌懈 写芯褋褌芯胁褨褉薪褨褋褌褜 写邪薪懈褏 褖芯写芯 锌邪褉褌薪械褉褨胁

袩芯胁褨写芯屑谢械薪薪褟 胁褨写 薪邪褕芯褩 泻芯屑邪薪写懈: 袙褨泄薪邪 鈥 写褍卸械 薪械锌械褉械写斜邪褔褍胁邪薪邪, 泻芯卸械薪 写械薪褜 - 褨薪褕懈泄, 薪械芯斜褏褨写薪褨 褉械褔褨 蟹 褍褔芯褉邪褕薪褜芯谐芯 写薪褟 褋褜芯谐芯写薪褨 屑芯卸褍褌褜 斜褍褌懈 薪械邪泻褌褍邪谢褜薪懈屑懈, 褌芯屑褍 屑懈 蟹斜懈褉邪褦屑芯 谐褉芯褕褨, 褟泻褨 斜褍写械屑芯 胁懈褌褉邪褔邪褌懈屑械屑芯 薪邪 薪邪泄斜褨谢褜褕 邪泻褌褍邪谢褜薪褨 锌芯褌褉械斜懈 褍泻褉邪褩薪褋褜泻芯褩 褋褌芯褉芯薪懈.

袨写薪邪泻, 褟泻褖芯 胁懈 褏芯褔械褌械 锌械褉械写邪褌懈 褋胁芯褩 褎褨蟹懈褔薪褍 写芯锌芯屑芯谐褍, 胁懈 屑芯卸械褌械 胁褨写写邪褌懈 褩褏 褍 锌褍薪泻褌懈 蟹斜芯褉褍 褌邪 褋械谐褉械谐邪褑褨褩 蟹邪 邪写褉械褋邪屑懈 Rakietowa 37 (褉械褔褨 写谢褟 邪褉屑褨褩) 褌邪 O艂awska 24 (屑械写懈泻邪屑械薪褌懈) 褍 袙褉芯褑谢邪胁褨.

校 褑褨泄 褌褉邪谐械写褨褩 斜褍写褜屑芯 褉邪蟹芯屑, 写褨泄屑芯 芯斜写褍屑邪薪芯 褌邪 锌褨写褌褉懈屑褍泄屑芯 芯褉谐邪薪褨蟹芯胁邪薪褨 褌邪 芯褋屑懈褋谢械薪褨 邪泻褑褨褩.

Pierwsza na 艣wiecie Karta Wp艂atnicza. Przyjmuj wp艂aty gdziekolwiek jeste艣.
Pierwsza na 艣wiecie Karta Wp艂atnicza. Przyjmuj wp艂aty gdziekolwiek jeste艣.
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  • ArdentCode sp. z o.o. sp.k.

    W opisie zrzutki nie by艂o informacji o karmie dla zwierz膮t. Rozumiem, 偶e to te偶 wa偶ne ale jednak 1. priorytetem powinni by膰 ludzie, 2. wydatki powinny by膰 zgodne z zapowiedziami.

    • 艢rodki ze zbi贸rki s艂u偶膮 przede wszystkim do zagwarantowania pomocy humanitarnej, medycznej i taktycznej, i to te potrzeby zaspokajane s膮 priorytetowo. Decyzj臋 o tym na jakie produkty przeznaczane s膮 fundusze podejmuje wy艂膮cznie Fundacja Ukraina, w oparciu o bie偶膮ce informacje i aktualne mo偶liwo艣ci zam贸wie艅 i dostaw.

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Zrzutka pod patronatem

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