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Clariant helps - Noble Package !

Clariant helps - Noble Package !

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This year helping is more important than ever. Therefore, Clariant once again supports the Noble Package. If you want to join the request, please donate any amount and we will take care of the order and delivery to the selected family. Together we can do more !

Magda and her family

Magda-36 y.o.

Krzysztof-43 y.o.

Zuzia-13 y.o.

Jaś-3 y.o.

Mrs. Magda and Mr. Krzysztof have been in a harmonious and free relationship for 17 years, raising two children (13-year-old Zuzia and 3-year-old Jaś). The boy cannot hear on one ear since his birth and therefore has a level of recognized disability. In addition, he is often ill which is a big obstacle for parents in work and fulfilling duties there. Back then, when Mrs. Magda's mother was still alive, the family could rely on grandmother’s help. At that time, everyday life went much better. Currently, the couple is on their own. Although both parents have permanent employment, they are forced to take sick leaves alternately (if Jaś has a cold, he cannot go to a nursery). Although the family's income remains at a level of approx. 5224 PLN/month, after deduction of fees and expenses for medicines (approx. PLN 3038) it remains approx. PLN 547 a month per family member.

Despite the difficulties and frequent shortages in the household budget, the family is very supportive and tries not to give up. Parents love each other very much and have the same feeling about their children. They appreciate the time they spend together on walks, trips and sightseeing, although they still lack that time. Krzysztof is a keen DIY enthusiast and excellently deals with breakdowns at home. Magda likes to cook, which makes the rest of the family happy. Zuzia is talented in the arts, while Jasiek starts taking his first dance steps with great passion. Dreams drive this family to action. The biggest one of them is building their own house on a plot of land that Magda once inherited from her grandparents.

Key family’s needs

Windows (5 pieces, size approx. 110 x 165 cm)

Comment: Old, damaged and leaking box windows are the family's biggest problem. The apartment is underheated and wet. This makes the younger child still sick and unable to attend the nursery. It also affects the health of his mother, who is an asthmatic. Moreover, leaking windows cause huge heat losses.

Cleaning supplies Mattress for the girl (size 90X200cm) Non-perishable food Shoes (for Zuzia: sneakers, size 38, white undersoles) School supplies Home accessories:

Bedding (linings, sheets) Comment: The family needs two sets of bedding with a sheet (size 140X200 and 200X220)

Lacking domestic appliance: mixer (the simplest and the most ordinary one) Other necessities of life: coal (1.5 ton) Intangible needs: Zuzia needs private lessons in Maths and English (at the level of primary school)

Special presents:

Magda: earrings (small, silver, studs)

Krzysztof: watch (without any comments)

Zuzia: board game (e.g. Monopoly)

Jaś: Car, backhoe loader or plane (e.g. Psi Patrol)

Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
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