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Czosnek - adopt him virtually!

Czosnek - adopt him virtually!

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zakończona 03.11.2021r
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  • Thanks to your donations we were able to provide Czosnek with all that he needs!


    We bought him:

    • 36 large cans of dog food (28.80 kg),
    • a packet of tablets for liver problems
    • a bottle of syrup to support his joints.

     Thank you for your support!

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  • Czosnek was admitted to the animal shelter when he was about 7 years old. He became known as a very energetic and inquisitive dog. He would like to be in several places at once and every little thing seems to be very interesting for him. This makes going for a walk with Czosnek quite a challenge. 

    He’s a confident dog with a balanced character, and doesn’t show any fear or hesitation around people. Towards other dogs he is usually neutral.

    Czosnek doesn't respond to his name - probably his hearing doesn’t work very well. The dog also has joint problems, but medications keep him in good shape. His liver also needs support in the form of a proper diet. 

    Despite being 9 years old Czosnek sometimes behaves like a puppy - he often acts as if it was his first time in many situations. His future owners should offer support and guidance and introduce the outside world to him.

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Ta zrzutka nie ma jeszcze aktualności.

Ta zrzutka nie ma jeszcze aktualności.

Opis zrzutki

Pick your favorite animal and virtually adopt them today!

We’d like to invite you to take part in our new charity action organised in cooperation with Karmimy Psiaki - Virtual Adoptions!


By symbolically adopting an animal of your choice, you are helping to pay for its daily care, maintenance, and feedings in a shelter. You can choose either one-time or monthly donation.

This will be a permanent event but each month you’ll be able to help two different animals. Who knows, maybe one of these cats and dogs will steal someone’s heart and find a forever home? 

Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
Pierwsza na świecie karta do przyjmowania wpłat. Karta Wpłatnicza.
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