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Watch people on wheelchair pull off MIRACLES when equipped with an EXOSKELETON.




Imagine looking at the world from the level of a chair all your life.

What would you give to just to be able to get up and look your loved one in the eye?

Some people claim to be able do the impossible. But what if we told you that right now it is you that can perform miracles?! Do you want to know how to become our MIRACLE MAKER?

You are just a few clicks away from finding out how. But first, letÔÇÖs find out what ÔÇśwheelersÔÇÖ can do in EXOSKELETON! Be sure to watch this video, as the things that you can participate in HERE


´┐Ż Our project is much more than just a funding campaign for am modern BIONIC SKELETON, it is about making the biggestd dreamof thousands of people with disabilities come true ÔÇô the ability to stand up and walk. If that isnÔÇÖt verging on a real miracle, then what is?

You can perform this miracle NOW simply by using the red buttons on this page. Also remember that miracles like publicity ´┐Ż

So don't forget to share our fundraising effort on your favourite social media!

ADDITIONALLY, you can also choose to become an Ambasador or a PARTNER of the campaign or take your own initiative to support the fundraising, individually or at your workplace! If you do elect to work with us in this capacity, you

will receive your own piggy bank in which we will write something about you, our MIRACLE MAKER ´┐Ż For details, contact us at: [email protected]

Below some more detailed information for the more insightful and technologically oriented of you!


It is a portable, bionic skeleton powered by a system of motors that allow for movement. The model we have chosen is the most innovative and easy to use exoskeleton in the world that is best suited for rehabilitation! Ekso GT / NR not only is full of the latest technology, but a complete neurorehabilitation program! ´┐Ż See it in ACTION!


Who can benefit from using an EXOSKELETON?

People with the following conditions can benefit from the exoskeleton rehabilitation:

┬Ě Complete spinal damage up to and including level C7;

┬Ě Partial spinal damage (any level);

┬Ě Stroke induced mobility impairment;

┬Ě Multiple sclerosis;

┬Ě Cerebral palsy;

┬Ě Guillain-Barry Syndrome;

┬Ě History of craniocerebral trauma;

┬Ě Neuroborreliosis;

Other neurological diseases causing mobility difficulties or unability to walk.

Access to EXOSKELETON in Poland is extremely limited because there are only 8 such devices in the whole country (in Lower Silesia there are none).

How much the EXOSKELETON Ekso NR costs?

About 149,000 Euros* + VAT and additional costs such as transport. The manufacturer is Ekso Bionics. Technical information and all rehabilitation features of the EXOSKELETON can be found on our website: (link to the news article with a detailed description of the EXOSKELETON and its rehabilitation benefits).

* Estimated purchase price inclusive of fees provided by the soled distributor Since you came all the way down HERE - we would like to welcome you amongst our most dedicated MIRACLE MAKERS!

Ready for your final CLICK? (payment link: THANK YOU!

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Pierwsza na ┼Ťwiecie Karta Wp┼éatnicza. Przyjmuj wp┼éaty gdziekolwiek jeste┼Ť.
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