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For winter's shoes and hot meal

For winter's shoes and hot meal

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The crisis caused by the COVID-10 epidemic is very difficult for all of us, but there are some families in Poland which have suffered more than others.

Although it is hard to believe that in the 21st century there are still children who don’t have anything to eat or elderly people who live without running water and electricity, it happens very close to us. The rapid loss of jobs, long unemployment or the death of family members made these families live in conditions that have nothing in common with human dignity. 

For the last two years, we have been struggling to help our countrymen from Transnistria and Lithuania, but now we feel more than ever than we have to help people here in Poland. We are raising money for very basic things such as food, winter clothes and medicines. We cannot buy even such simple products without your support. Ten families are waiting for your help, so don’t make them wait any longer! 

Here is what can be bought for a small donation:

10 USD - a big package of washing powder 

20 USD - three warm meals for one child 

50 USD - a pair of solid, winter shoes  

The story of Joanna 

She asks for help for her mother - Renata. She is 48 years old diabetic with only 450 PLN (about 130 USD) benefit out of which 100 PLN serves for paying the bills and 60 PLN for medicines. The remaining sum of 290 PLN (about 80 USD)  has to hold out till the next month. Joanna does her best to help mother, but she has to take care of four children on her own (after a few years of domestic violence she managed to leave her alcoholic husband) her salary is not enough for four people. First of all, they need food and cleaning supplies, but if we raise more money, we will buy the winter’s shoes for boys. 

ga657864bdaf0287.jpegJoanna's mother - Renata and three boys: Adrain, Igor and Wojtek

The story of Katarzyna 

Two months ago she lost her job, but it wasn’t even the beginning of her problems. Her son, nine-year-old Staś is disabled: born as a premature baby struggles with many malfunctions of internal organs. He requires a lot of painful surgeries and expensive treatment.

 Katarzyna doesn’t work, she takes care of her son. Her husband must earn for the whole family. What makes matters worse he has been recently diagnosed with acute kidney failure and needs the urgent transplant. Katarzyna is in a very bad mental condition, so she asked us for help with taking care of Staś. He also needs the winter's shoes and clothes 

f3baac167b29a610.jpegKatarzyna's son - Staś

The story of Teresa 

Teresa is a very friendly lady in her early sixties. Her beloved husband, with whom she had spent half of her life, passed away in October. Now she lives alone in a small village in Masurian Lakes District. Her whole income after husband’s death is PLN 600 (approx. 170 USD) for a month that must cover the cost of bills, firewood and medicines. How much can be left after paying all necessary fees?


Teresa with her daughter

This is only a few examples… There are much more families that need help. Help us make this world a better place and give them the reason to smile!

Who else is waiting for your help?


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