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warM Ukraine. A fundraiser for purchase of power generators for hospitals and shelters in Ukraine

warM Ukraine. A fundraiser for purchase of power generators for hospitals and shelters in Ukraine

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  • Two 90kW generators delivered to hospitals in Kropyvnythskyi! 💪 💪 💪 Last week, the generators purchased with the funds raised as a part of warM Ukraine campaign were transferred to the Clinical Regional Oncological Centre of the Council of the Kirovograd Region and to the Central Hospital of the City Council of Kropyvnythskyi.

    A HUGE THANK YOU to all private donors, Institutional and Business Partners, as well silent donors, who contributed to this joint success. These generators will make a crucial difference to all the patients of the hospitals, securing the medical care and their everyday safety 💙 💛

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Dear Friends,

we are still standing with Ukraine! In response to numerous requests from our Ukrainian Partners, we are extending the WarM Ukraine campaign till May 2024. Our goal is to raise funds to finance small generators for the civilian population, as well as other necessary items such as blankets, long-term food, power banks, batteries, etc.

We strongly encourage you to support our fundraiser!

Companies that would like to support our campaign can sign a donation agreement directly with the Forum Foundation. For this purpose, please contact us at: [email protected]


Below you will find a description of the collection that we started last year, and in the news information about what we have already achieved together. Let's not stop there. The war and horror continue and our friends still need support.

WarM Ukraine 2022/23 - original description:

Following Russia's recent attacks on energy infrastructure, many hospitals, orphanages and refugee shelters have lost their ability to heat their rooms.

From our friends at the Chernivtsi Regional Charity Foundation Yukon, we got the news of the desperate situation of two local hospitals: City Clinical Maternity Hospital No. 2 and Chernivtsi Regional Psychiatric Hospital (where the children's ward, intensive care ward and general ward are currently without heating.) Let us not allow winter to become another tragedy of our friends!

The first aim of the warM Ukraine campaign is to raise funds for the purchase of four 100kW power generators, which will be donated to the above-mentioned hospitals. The cost of 4 power generators and transport is estimated at 400 000 PL (80 000 EUR). After achieving the first goal, we will continue to raise money for other hospitals and aid institutions.

The scale makes the difference! Even the smallest payment is worth its weight in gold. Join the fundraiser and share information about it on your social media.

DONNATIONS FROM ABROAD: You can donate with PayPal in USD, EUR or CHF:

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Bank: Millennium Bank S.A.

Recipient of payment: Fundacja FORUM

IBAN: PL 36 1160 2202 0000 0005 4946 3349

Currency: EUR


Payment description: For statutory purposes / Help for Ukraine

FOR COMPANIES: It is possible to conclude a donation agreement with the FORUM Foundation. If interested, please contact: [email protected]. If donation is not possible at the moment, sending a donation link to your employees will be of great help. Thank you!

The campaign is organized by the Forum Foundation. Our dear Partner, the Hearty Foundation, supports us in the collection of funds and communication of the campaign.

Institutional Partners of the action are: Chernivtsi Regional Charity Foundation Yukon, Advantage Austria, AHK German - Polish Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, Belgian Business Chamber, British - Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Canadian Chamber of Commerce, French - Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Irish - Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland, Netherlands - Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Scandinavian - Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

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