Create a collection under the patronage of:

Fundacja 8Marca

Create a collection under the patronage of:

Fundacja 8Marca

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Fundacja 8Marca


Fundacja 8Marca

Fundacja 8Marca

Fundacja 8Marca powstała, aby dzielić się widzą, o potencjale i wykorzystaniu obiektów zabytkowych w środowisku wiejskim dla celów ekologicznych oraz społecznych na miarę XXI wieku. Poprzez nasze działania chcemy wspierać zrównoważoną transformację, promować wiedzę, budować kapitał społeczny, promow

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How does a patronage collection work?

How does a patronage collection work?

Patronized collections are a great way to support the organization closest to your heart. It is also a solution for the Foundation's beneficiaries who want to create their own space for collecting money online

The collected funds will go directly to the patron's account, so you don't have to worry about settlements. Additionally, the logo of the selected organization will be added to the screenshot - thanks to this, you can immediately see who you support or which Foundation you support.

Use the patronized collection and collect as you want:

donation instead of a birthday gift

donation fee

access to unique materials

pick up during the event

Christmas collection among your community

sales and auctions

Remember that the payout of collected funds will be possible only to the Patron's account. Creating a fundraiser under the patronage will require the Patron's approval. After that, the donations will be active. If you want to withdraw funds to your own bank account, create a normal fundraiser.

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Public or private? For a gift or for your wishes? Make it yours! based on the permit issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) on October 14, 2019, is acting as a licensed payment services provider in the European Union in numbers

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Number of donations Sp. z o.o. al. Karkonoska 59, 53-015 Wrocław, Polska. VAT number: 8992796896, KRS: 0000634168. Share capital: PLN 550,000. Licensed payment services provider in the European Union under the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF). read more is a tool to organise your own fundraising for any chosen cause, for free, no fee. is not only a crowdfunding platform (crowdfunding - social funding of a chosen project) and a fundraising platform (fundraising - raising money by supporting individuals, companies, foundations). It is first and foremost a virtual purse into which all those interested in a specific goal contribute: a charity collection, for a gift, for a project / business, for a trip with friends - you define the goal. In a way, is a mix of platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo with the world's most famous virtual wallet, PayPal. A fundraiser can be set up by an individual, a company, a foundation or an institution. Make a fundraiser, invite your friends and see how easy it is to raise money online! All Rights Reserved
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