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🇺🇦 #RazemDlaUkrainy / 🇺🇦 Join The International Aid Operation #HelpForUkraine
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🇺🇦 #RazemDlaUkrainy / 🇺🇦 Join The International Aid Operation #HelpForUkraine
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Our neighbours’ house is on fire! We need to help. And we need your support to be able to help!

[1$ = 4.4 zł; 1€ = 4.8 zł; 1GBP = 5.8 zł]

We want to encourage you as a private person or a company to donate 1 day’s worth of your revenue to help Ukraine in these hard times. We calculate it as our annual revenue divided by 250 days.

If you share half or quarter of a day with us, or just donate whatever you can afford you are still making a huge difference. 1day4Ukraine

100% the money will go to foundations in Poland that help Ukraine with:

·        medical support

·        providing food

·        providing defence equipment (like helmets or vests)

·        providing shelter or a long stay place

·        any other humanitarian form of support

All foundations were checked by us. We believe they are a trustworthy place to put your money and will ensure that your donations make a difference where it matters most.

Why in Poland?

Poland has the 2nd longest boarder with Ukraine after Moldavia (when you consider friendly countries – this does not include Russia and Belarus!). Frankly speaking Poland and Ukraine have a very long, and not always easy history, and we want to help them in their hour of need.

Poland also serves as a logistics hub for the transfer of material assistance to Ukraine.

Already 300 000 Ukrainian citizens arrived to Poland and we expect another 700 000 to 4.3 million to come. Some will go further, but we need to help them in their first days away from their homes.

Our Grandmothers and Grandfathers lived out their childhood days during the 2nd World War here in Warsaw and around, we do not want Ukrainian and European kids to relive this experience!

History does not need to repeat itself.

Slava Ukraini!

Grzegorz Podleśny / Irina Ovcinicov / Marek Kaszuba / Rafał Durasiewicz / Tomasz Gaj / Weronika Rochacka Gagliardi / and the team

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