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Zrzutka.pl is a tool to organise your own fundraising for any chosen cause, for free, without commission. Zrzutka.pl is not only a crowdfunding platform (crowdfunding - social funding of a chosen project) and a fundraising platform (fundraising - raising money by supporting individuals, companies, foundations). It is first and foremost a virtual purse / piggy bank into which all those interested in a specific goal contribute: a charity collection, for a gift, for a project / business, for a trip with friends - you define the goal. In a way, Zrzutka.pl is a mix of platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo with the world's most famous virtual wallet, PayPal. A whip-round can be set up by an individual, a company, a foundation or an institution. Make a whip-round, invite your friends and see how easy it is to raise money online!

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