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Support Social Clowning group from Argentina - los CRISPINES

Support Social Clowning group from Argentina - los CRISPINES

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Here you can see a short documentary about our actions:

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We are a group of passionate people with big hearts who are willing to use their free time to bring colours and laughter to vulnerable areas of Argentina. Our team is full of clowns, musicians and actors trained at the Espacio Aguirre - clowning school. We are all volunteers, the only thing we get for clowning around are the smiles and appreciations of children, elderly and staff of the institutions which we visit.

This social project was born from the hand of Marcelo Katz (one of the most known clowns in Argentina) more than 15 years ago, and today it continues to grow!


Approximately two times a month we visit nursing homes, community centres, hospitals and neighbourhoods with our clowning show “El Capitán Guillermo” which combines live music and circus and clowning acts. The message we want to spread is NEVER GIVE UP, YOU CAN DO IT, TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE SOMETHING GREAT! It seems so important for us, because the people we perform for live in really challenging conditions and many times in their life the only thing they have is HOPE for a better future and the BELIEF in their own inner power.

lghBKDNbQQF88QWu.jpgWe have also travelled outside of Buenos Aires to reach more isolated communities and provinces. During each trip we share the clowning joy with a wide diversity of places, many times being the first people from outside to come with the intension of showing art to the children. The places we visit are very rural and people living there survive with the bare minimum of resources. That is why it is so important to get there and through laughter, love and open hearts give some time and space to just feel happiness, to forget about the hard conditions of everyday life.

Until now we have done around 10 000 km around Argentina and visited many provinces like JUJUY and CHACO in 2017, TUCUMÁN and ENTRE RIOS in 2018, BOLIVAR and CATAMARCA in 2019, SANTA FE in 2023 and we have just came back from a trip to LA RIOJA.



We want to keep on travelling to diverse parts of Argentina where there is no access to art, where our message can give a spark of positivity, where we can plant a seed of hope.

The money we fundraise will allow the travel of around 20 clowns, musicians and circus artists and provide us with equipment for circus and music activities for children and adults. 

Thanks to any support we receive we can continue making this world a lighter and more loving place!

As the economic situation in Argentina is quite complicated now and the value of peso is really low, any amount that in other countries might seem little - here can be really helpful. 

With all our big hearts we will appreciate all the donations that can make hundreds of children and adults feel happy.

Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of the change we bring to the world ;) 


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    Ryan Wood

    Best of luck to you Hannah, beat wishes to your cause

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