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Działaj z nami na rzecz uchodźców. Wspieraj Salam Lab | Laboratorium Pokoju

Działaj z nami na rzecz uchodźców. Wspieraj Salam Lab | Laboratorium Pokoju

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We work to build an open society and help victims of persecution, conflicts and hate crimes. We implement large educational and media projects. Our goal is to show and teach that the world is not black and white. There are good solutions for complicated problems. 

From August 2021, we became involved in the activities of the Granica Group. As Salam Lab, we have created the Crisis Intervention Point at the Polish-Belarusian border. Our employees and volunteers were working there 24/7. They were ready to go for interventions at any time and help people who were stuck in the Polish forest. We provided them with warm clothes, meals and legal assistance. 

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine we, Salam Lab, in cooperation with other organizations have created an Assistance Service for people who are currently escaping the war in Ukraine, where they can get a complex help. 

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  • MC
    Mary Carroll

    This donation is from the CATS Boston National Honor Society, located in Braintree, MA USA. We raised this money to help people from Ukraine. We are an international high school and want to do our part to help in this crisis

    1 500 zł
  • SA
    All In UJ

    Zbiórka z 8 Meczu Charytatywnego UJ vs AGH 2022 organizowanego przez All In UJ, SS UJ oraz URSS AGH.

    11 128 zł
  • GT
    Glen Thamert

    My good friend Dvorah Kost is volunteering to work with Salam Lab. She is an amazing woman. She helped children in Gaza. For 18 years she was a social worker and did work in trauma situations. My good thoughts go with her as she joins you, as well as all others in Salam Lab and all Ukrainians, too.

    44 zł
    Anonymous user

    Dziękuję za to co robicie! Dzięki Wam świat jest lepszy

    Anonymous user

    "... Jak bolesne szkło pod powieką, / Kaleczące źrenicę bystrą - / Wojna nigdy nie jest daleko, /
    Wojna zawsze jest bardzo blisko. / [...] Blisko klonów na mej ulicy, / Skweru, co się może stać grobem, /
    Blisko lęku i znieczulicy, / I skargi Niobe..." (Wojciech Młynarski)


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