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  • This is our next, third, VAT invoice for items bought for the members of SEMA Ukraine. The funds from our fundraiser were utilised to purchase smartphones for two members, Tatiana and Lyudmila, in support of their daily activities. These include conversations with other members of SEMA network, as well as with media and other collaborators. What is most important in the current crisis, they can now be in more regular contact with sexual violence survivors and work on documenting evidences of Russian war crimes including crimes involving sexual assaults.


    The phones were purchased from a local shop, Rozetka.

    We are thankful to all who support our fundraiser.

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  • Thanks to the generosity of you, our donors, we were able to supply our sisters from SEMA with so-needed medical aid. We bought the medication through a local supplier which also helped in boosting the Ukrainian economy by just a tiny amount.



    Medicines portioned and prepared to be sent off to members of SEMA Ukraine by Tatiana. Our medicine deliveries are tailored to the individual needs of SEMA Ukraine members and people depending on them. None of your donations is wasted. Thank you for the ongoing support.

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  • Watch debate 16 Unbreakable Women with SEMA UKRAINE here


    We have also paid an invoice for ~4120 Euro for medicines for SEMA. We will let you know, when they get them!

    ne8b4325336ff4f2.pngThank you for your kind donations!

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  • Movie about SEMA UKRAINE prepared by Timofej and Polish Women’s Council.

    Watch here


    Warning: contains pictures that may be disturbing for some viewers.

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  • To support this fundraiser we are organizing an on-line meeting "16 Unbreakable Women" with SEMA UKRAINE and other magnificent speakers.

    Meeting is on May 16th at 8 PM CEST. Link to buy tickets below.


    We dedicate this meeting to our brave and courageous sisters from SEMA Ukraine, that will join the event. In such a difficult time of war, any help is needed but the most valuable is that which comes from the heart and understanding of the situation of war and what is unfortunately inextricably linked with war, namely violence and sexuality.

    Together with our special guests, we will express our deepest solidarity with SEMA Ukraine’s unbreakable commitment and dedication in their fight against Russian oppression, bringing support to war violence survivors and recording crimes against humanity for future justice.

    This event is organised on Eventbrite. The number of spaces available is limited. You can get voluntary donation-based tickets and read more about our guests and the subject of the event here:


    Join our fundraising event to support the heroic fight of our sisters in Ukraine!

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  • Thank you for all your contributions! They are already helping! Sincere thank you came directly from Tatiana, SEMA representative.

    The medicines have been purchased by us and collected by SEMA members. 

    We ask for further support to secure regular medical supply to SEMA and their community.

    Wasze wpłaty już pomagają! Serdecznie dziękujemy my i Tatiana.

    Leki zostały zakupione i odebrane przez członkinie SEMY. Dalsze wsparcie jest ciągle bardzo ważne!


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  • To jest FV za leki wystawiona przez aptekę na równowartość 1300 euro w hrywnach. Opłacimy ją dzisiaj jednak potrzebujemy jeszcze 6000 euro na same leki, dlatego zbieramy dalej!a6408e9f59b1e67e.jpegw9e61977ff36d647.jpeg

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  • SEMA is stationed in Chernihiv Oblast. With the help of a local pharmacy we are able to supply SEMA with medication that SEMA asked us for. The medication will be delivered in Kyiv and collected by SEMA. The exact location cannot be made public for security reasons.

    The list of medication from SEMA has been given to the pharmacy and according to our request, the pharmacy has issued a VAT invoice to the Lodzkie Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Association, which will put up the needed amount - 1300 euro for the needed medication. The money from the collection will be used to cover the FV.

    SEMA members are part of the territorial defence forces - their battalion includes 476 volunteers. SEMA members are involved in helping rape victims in Bucha, Gostoml, Irpin and every other region of Ukraine. Their work involves psychological and medical support, and documentation of cases. Women who have experienced rape are in deep shock and are unable to talk about it.

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  • SEMA obecnie stacjonuje w obwodzie Czernihowskim i jesteśmy w kontakcie z apteką, która może dostarczyć leki dla SEMY. O aptece dowiedziałyśmy się od SEMY, dzięki ukraińskiej aktywistce i uchodźczyni, która niesie pomoc Ukraińcom pozostającym w Ukrainie. Leki mają być dostarczone do Kijowa i odebrane przez SEMĘ. Dokładna lokalizacja nie może być podana publicznie z przyczyn bezpieczeństwa.

    Listę lekarstw od SEMY została przekazana aptece i zgodnie z naszą prośbą apteka wystawiła fakturę VAT na Stowarzyszenie Łódzkie Dziewuchy Dziewuchom, które wyłożą potrzebną kwotę - 1300 euro na potrzebne leki. Pieniądze ze zbiórki zostaną użyte na pokrycie tej FV.

    SEMA stacjonuje w Obwodzie Czernihowskim. Członkinie są częścią obrony terytorialnej - ich batalion liczy 476 osób. Członkinie SEMY są zaangażowane w niesienie pomocy ofiarom gwałtu w Buczy, Gostomlu, Irpieniu i w każdym innym regionie Ukrainy. To praca wsparcia psychologicznego, medycznego i dokumentujaca przypadki. Kobiety, które doświadczyły gwałtów, są w głębokim szoku i nie są w stanie o tym mówić.

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There are no updates yet.

There are no updates yet.



Support NEEDED URGENTLY for transport, medical and humanitarian aid !!!

We are crowdfunding for:

  • Non perishable foods (tins, packets, dried) with long shelf life
  • Shelter - sleeping bags, blankets, foil blankets.
  • Medicines - painkillers, diarrhoea treatments. Must have 13 months life.
  • First aid - bandages/dressings/antiseptic creams.
  • Torches, headlamps, thermal flasks.
  • Toiletries, female sanitary, incontinence items, Vaseline, toothpaste, creams for dry skin, shampoo, conditioners.
  • Baby items - nappies, new feeding bottles, feeding cups, formula milk, toiletries, medications (Calpol etc)
  • Good quality/new adult clothes
  • Good quality/new adult shoes and slippers
  • New underwear for women

SEMA Ukraine, known as the Ukrainian Network of Women Affected by Sexual Violence, is composed of survivors who have been raising general awareness and supporting the emotional recovery of other survivors of sexual violence throughout Ukraine since 2019. The members of the group are themselves survivors of sexual violence and have received death threats from the Russians for their actions.

As the Russian war is getting more and more cruel, SEMA Ukraine is involved in supporting women who expierienced rape and sexual violence in all regions of Ukraine, including Bucha, Irpin and Gostomel. The members of SEMA need our support right now. We are helping them collect money for medical products, humanitarian aid and for gasoline so they continue their humanitarian work and defend their country. Some of them had their houses destroyed by shelling: your donation can provide them with a safe shelter to rest.

Hear their voices: ‘We are Ukrainian women who have suffered from Russian aggression in Donbas. Each one of us has felt the cruelty of the occupiers. We endured tortures, sexual violence and years of illegal detention in Russian-occupied territories. [...] But we did not give up, we did not break.’ 

We run this emergency fundraiser on behalf of SEMA Ukraine as the International Council of Polish Women+ (Our Facebook Fanpage) in cooperation with Association Gals4Gals from Lodz (Facebook Fanpage), who made avaliable their zrzutka profile and association bank account for this crowdfunding.

All proceeds go towards urgently needed humanitarian aid and protective gear for the fighting group of women.

More about SEMA and PRK+

SEMA Ukraine is part of an international organisation campaigning against sexual violence against women in wartime.

SEMA Ukraine is a network of Ukrainian women who suffered sexual violence during the all-too-often forgotten conflict in the Donbas region that started in 2014. Women were subjected to rape, mutilation of sexual organs, forced nudity, torture, and video recording of acts of sexual violence against them. After the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022, history is repeating itself. We hear an increasing number of reports evidencing sexual assaults against Ukrainian women As many members of SEMA remain in Ukraine and fight for their freedom, they need our support to protect their freedom. 

The International Council of Polish Women+ is a collective of Polish feminists living abroad, supported by Polish migrant feminist organisations. PRK+ is our umbrella, and especially these days - our shield and weapon, under which each one of us can seek support in our stand for women's rights. We wish today the umbrella of safety would cover our Ukrainian sisters who, uncertain about their future, their children and their loved ones, call the world for action to help.

At our last panel discussion they presented what their current situation looks like:

After this event, as the Polish Women's Council+, we decided to organize a direct humanitarian aid and protective equipment for SEMA. We also know that SEMA needs regular help, and the biggest challenge is transportation to war zones.

On behalf of SEMA Ukraine, we thank you for supporting their struggle and campaign against sexual violence against Ukrainian women! May their courage and selflessness be an inspiration to us all. Please donate to SEMA Ukraine!

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