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Polish Association of Physics Students

Polish Association of Physics Students (PSSF) was founded in November 2018 by students of various Polish universities. We are an educational non-governmental organization associating students and doctoral students of physics and related faculties. With our activities, we support members of the PSSF in their scientific development, and we promote physics among the general public. We also act as the Polish national committee of the International Association of Physics Students  {iaps}.

Otherworld I

Space missions, both manned and unmanned, require careful and careful planning as well as meticulous preparation that takes into account all possible risk factors. Various types of simulations can be carried out to test the technology. Analog missions are one way of testing, checking technical solutions and methodologies in a safe, controlled environment. These types of projects make it possible to determine the prospects of scientific research on the surfaces of objects in the solar system other than Earth, such as the Moon and Mars.

The Otherworld I project is an interdisciplinary analog mission carried out by members of the PSSF. The research group brings together enthusiasts of space research in the fields of geophysics, astrogeology, biophysics and astrobiology. The subject of the project is to conduct geophysical, astrogeological and astrobiological research as part of the simulated Martian mission in the Marte habitat in Brazil. The analog mission is scheduled for June 1-9, 2022. The Earth: Otherworld project aims to test technological solutions, collect geological and biological samples, and prepare students for larger-scale research projects in the space sector. PSSF members will acquire organizational and technical skills that will make them qualified to plan and organize space missions. Polish science has great achievements in the field of space research - companies from our country carry out orders for, among others, the European Space Agency (ESA). Participation in a project such as the Otherworld I mission creates opportunities for young people who would like to work in the space industry in the future.

Geophysical research


The Otherworld project focuses, among others, on the study of the magnetism of rocks and the search for measurement solutions related to the residual magnetic field and the magnetization of the samples taken.

The magnetic method is very sensitive to the presence of ferromagnetic materials, which can distract the measurement results. For this reason, it is imperative to find the way to counter the effects of such elements present in astronauts' suits and rovers.

Magnetic field measurements may be important for future research related to the study of the residual magnetic field of Mars. Testing solutions to solve measurement problems is essential for the better understanding of the geology of Mars and the better study of plutonic and tectonic phenomena that occur there.

Moreover, careful examination of the samples taken in terms of their magnetization provides information about the magnetic field not only from the present time, but also from the past. Laboratory research on geological samples is planned at the geophysical laboratory.

Astrogeological research


From the point of view of astrogeological research, the Otherworld I mission has two primary goals. The first is to test simple methods that are used in various geological surveys, such as manual core collection or preliminary terrain mapping, in conditions that reflect the conditions on another planet. Taking samples in conditions imitating Martian conditions and preventing their contamination by the Earth's environment is a good experience for scientists who will be potential members of space missions in the future. Another goal is to provide the intellectual background for geophysical and astrobiological research. A specialist with extensive knowledge in areas such as petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, sedimentology or hydrogeology is an important component of the planetary research team. In addition, the intention is to prepare a geological study that will guide the space of the habitat for astronauts and to show their differences and similarities in the geological conditions prevailing in its area, compared to those prevailing on Mars.

Astrobiological research


An important part of the Otherworld I mission is the sample return stage - that is, the collection and transport of samples to a place where further, more complex tests will be carried out. In addition to examining such samples in terms of geology, we will also perform astrobiological tests, i.e. those that will help us check whether and, if necessary, what life is in a given sample.

The first challenge of such a mission is to ensure that samples that will later be tested for life are sterile transported so that test results are not false due to contamination. Such samples will be subjected to two types of tests: direct and indirect.

In the case of direct tests, we will use electron microscopy and cultures (cell cultures). These methods will allow us to see "with our own eyes" whether there are organisms in the obtained samples. However, we must remember that inoculations, when we do not know what organisms are in the sample, are a great challenge in terms of selecting the appropriate breeding conditions, and often take a long time. In addition, it is important for us not only whether we can find organisms in the given sample, but also whether it could have had life in the past. Therefore, we will also use more subtle methods.

Indirect research will be based on infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) and Raman spectroscopy, which will allow us to detect and identify organic compounds present in our samples. Such research allows for a relatively quick determination of whether there are organic compounds in the soil characteristic of the present and past life.



Agnieszka Elwertowska


Agnieszka Elwertowska is one of the organizers and analog astronauts of the Polish mission Otherworld I. As Commander, she will be the crew commander inside Habitat Marte in Brazil.

On a daily basis, he is an IT Engineer and a Junior Engineer at the Polish space company Astronika. She is also a student of MA studies at WSB in Gdańsk. She has participated in several analog missions in the past, including the CHILL-ICE mission inside a lava tunnel. Her biggest dream is to become a real astronaut.

Mikołaj Zawadzki


Mikołaj Zawadzki is a second-year student of MA studies in physics at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw. He completed an internship at the Department of Plasma Physics of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

He is interested in geophysics, in particular applied geophysics, planetology and terrestrial magnetism. During the mission, he will be responsible for magnetic research. He participated in many field studies in the field of geophysics, incl. in the Białowieża National Park. He is also the board member of the Polish national committee of the International Association of Physics Students. In the future, he would like to deal with, inter alia, the use of magnetic methods in space research.

Malwina Dąbrowska


Malwina Dąbrowska is the representative of a group of astrogeologists. The team will research the bedrock and collect mineral samples for further analyzes. Malwina is currently studying mineral resource engineering at the Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw.

She participated in field courses related to geological research in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. He also specializes in researching the magnetic properties of minerals with which he plans to connect his immediate future.

Karol Basiaga


Karol Basiaga is the backup astronaut in the situation where one of the astronauts could not participate in the mission. Regardless of this, it will take part in the project and perform tasks as described below.

Karol Basiaga studied astronomy at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, and is currently studying at the University of Applied Computer Science and Management, during his second year of master's studies, specializing in Advanced Multimedia.

He was involved in field archeogeophysical research in the vicinity of Głogówek and Prudnik and combined his current direction with the scientific past, creating projects, diagrams, graphics and 3D models in the field of science and archeology. He is interested in generally understood science from many fields, and strictly in space research - the concept and challenges related to the potential future colonization and exploration of the Universe.

During the mission, he will cover the course of the expedition by broadcasting on YouTube on the Otherworld I channel.

Ground Control


Astronauts are not the only people taking part in the analog mission. Behind their expedition is the group of young scientists and enthusiasts who not only deal with its preparation, design and research that will be carried out during its duration, but will also be in constant contact with the crew. The mission will be controlled by geophysicists, geologists, biophysicists, as well as a psychologist overseeing the condition of astronauts, whose role will be to help solve crisis situations in the event of problems that may be encountered by the crew on site.

Moreover, the project is consulted with specialists from various fields and scientific units such as the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw, the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences, or the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which ensures that the involved students verify the merits of the research.

What will we spend the money on?

The implementation of the Otherworld I mission will be possible if you support us. We need your help. At the moment, members of the PSSF have their own contribution, but private funds ensure the stay and transport of only two analogue astronauts belonging to the Association. Part of private money was invested in the construction of a diamagnetic magnetometer frame. Nevertheless, the amount at the students' disposal is not sufficient to achieve the most important goals and objectives. For this to be possible, not only all astronauts need to be taken into account, but also the cost of transporting the measuring equipment, insurance ... We still lack the funds for the journey and stay in the habitat of two crew members - key for the mission - who will carry out the measurements.

Additional information

All additional funds collected as part of the collection will be allocated to the statutory objectives of the Polish Association of Physics Students (PSSF), including support for activities and projects carried out by our members.

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