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How it works?

Recurring donations allow your fans to support you regularly. Organisers can choose between monthly or annual donations. Donators can participate in creating the work they love and receive great offers for their donations. It couldn't be easier! See our step-by-step guide to organising recurring fundraisers.

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Step 1

Create recurring fundraiser!

It takes just a few minutes - name your campaign, add a description, establish offers for a certain membership level and that's it!

Step 2

Let fans know

Let everyone know when you’re launching your campaign so they can become a member and give recurring donations! Remember to mention offers as an early access to your content.

Step 3

Keep your fans informed

Give your fans updates on your work and rewards them for their donation! Support your passion and keep in touch with your community!

Who is it for

Our tool is suitable for anyone seeking donations! It's also a great tool for donators, who can receive great offers for supporting cool projects!

For Organisers offers you a fully free recurring donation model. Stop worrying about your salary - let your fans pay you directly and keep doing what they love!

Organizatorzy - Zrzutka Cykliczna
  • Youtuberzy, blogerzy i streamerzy w zrzutce cyklicznej

    YouTubers, bloggers, streamers

    Give your fans exclusive content, early access to your productions in exchange for donations. Try it now!

  • Muzycy, podcasterzy i fotografowie w zrzutce cyklicznej

    Musicians, podcasters, photographers

    Are you a musician? A podcster? Maybe a photographer? Allow your fans to join your effort by donating!

  • Właśnie Ty w zrzutce cyklicznej

    It's you

    Fuel your hobbies, fulfill your dreams! Your community can help you plan ahead with recurring donations. It’s possible - Organisers have already created 1 188 206 fundraisers for a total amount of 1 250 858 725 zł!

Organizatorzy - Zrzutka Cykliczna

For donators

Satisfaction from supporting passionate people and their projects is not the only benefit! Recurring fundraisers can also include offers!

Organizatorzy - Zrzutka Cykliczna
  • Youtuberzy, blogerzy i streamerzy w zrzutce cyklicznej


    Earn unique offer while supporting your favorite artist, project, or charity.

  • Muzycy, podcasterzy i fotografowie w zrzutce cyklicznej


    Paricipate in creating the work you appreciate. Donate your favorite musician, writer with just a few clicks!

  • Właśnie Ty w zrzutce cyklicznej

    It's you

    Support your favorite artist on Check out the list of current recurring fundraisers!

Organizatorzy - Zrzutka Cykliczna
Szczęścliwy organizator zrzutki

Thanks to recurring donations from my donators I'm able to keep blogging from anywhere in the world!

Magda, 25 years old, blogger
Szczęścliwy organizator zrzutki

I support my favorite artist every month and gain access to their exclusive content!

Michael, 30 years old, graphic designer

Recurring donations are handled by is Polish largest platform for organising fundraisers for any purpose. Our portfolio includes solutions for organising fundraisers in the form of subscription and one-time campaigns.

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